Week Three

This was an absolutely bizarre week due to the weather. I had Monday off for MLK Day, and the weather was perfect, much warmer than it had been in Philly. Erica and I went to the American History and Natural History museums.

Erica and I bonded over our mutual love for marine life.

We bonded over our former desires to be marine biologists.

The American History Museum is interesting, but it seems pretty sparse compared to others. Several areas of the museum are closed off in order to develop new exhibits. The best part (in my humble opinion) is the First Ladies Collection. I love looking at how the style of the dresses have changed over the years.

The Natural History Museum, however, was much more fascinating. They have a huge floor entirely devoted to the ocean, and the precious gem collection (including the Hope Diamond!) is amazing. And according to Travel + Lesiure, it is the third most-visited museum in the world.

Absolutely gorgeous sunset over the Lincoln Memorial.

Absolutely gorgeous sunset over the Lincoln Memorial.

Tuesday morning I rolled out of bed early because I knew that after the long weekend I would need to stop for coffee on my way to work. While walking, I noticed that there was an unusually small amount of other commuters and traffic, but I attributed it to my earliness.

Shot of the Kennedy Center from my office.

Shot of the Kennedy Center from my office in the snow.

My suspicions were aroused when the State Department-preferred coffee shop was closed, and then I was really questioning whether work was cancelled when I found the parking lot empty except for one car, and no security guard at the door.

Erica & I

D.C. is simply magical in the snow.

Sure enough, when I made it to my floor the lone attorney working told me the federal government had called a snow day. I was too excited about having another day off to be bitter about walking three miles for no reason!

Fun on the mall

Something about the snow and winter is so much more romantic than being here in the hot, sticky summer.

Although I only went in for three days, I was very busy at work. I’m currently juggling three projects, two which are time-sensitive, so I will have plenty to do this upcoming week! Some of the highlights of my week (somehow they always seem to revolve around food) were dinner with my roommate Casey at Shake Shack and my first (ever) visit  to Trader Joes.

This is incredible, and even though it seems impossible, better than Nutella. Just read the description.

This is incredible, and even though it seems impossible, better than Nutella. Just read the description.

On Saturday, Casey and I had brunch at Mad Hatter in Dupont Circle, which was really fun. Afterwards, we met Erica at the Holocaust Museum. I went to the museum once when I was a sophomore in high school, so I really enjoyed seeing it again.

Brunch is a DC must.

Brunch is a D.C. must.

Although I think it is very important to realize how truly horrifying the Holocaust was for all involved, and to know the details of how it occurred, it is very hard to go through the Permanent Exhibit.

Knowing that we would be sad after we left, we planned accordingly for a trip to Red Velvet Cupcakery afterwards. What better way to cheer up than with a cupcake? I have had a lot of cupcakes in D.C., but I must say Red Velvet Cupcakery is tied for my favorite with Sweet Lobby.


Shout out to Dean Palk for the suggestion!

I had their most popular cupcake, the “Southern Belle” (which is really just a red velvet cupcake), and it was absolutely incredible! When it comes to icing I think more is more, and this cupcake did not disappoint. I’m sure I will have many more Southern Belles during my stay.

Blessed to have such a sweet roommate!

Blessed to have such a sweet roommate!

Today was a great end to a wonderful week! I met Erica and some of her work friends at the National Community Church in Eastern Market. The services are held in an old theatre, and it was absolutely beautiful. I especially enjoyed the praise & worship.

So fun meeting all of Casey's friends!

The Sculpture Garden has been transformed into a winter wonderland.

After church, I met Casey to go ice skating with some of her friends. The rink is right across from the Archives in the Sculpture Garden of the National Gallery of Art. Even though I’m not the most graceful skater, I had so much fun!

I love meeting people here in D.C. because there are so many truly talented people with amazing life goals and unique interests. It motivates me even more to become the best attorney I can be, and try to change the world in whatever small way I can.

I’m going to use that motivation to hurtle me through this next busy work week!


One thought on “Week Three

  1. You will be the best tourist guide for your mom & Abigail when they arrive for spring break! DC is so amazing with all the sites & history. Have a great week! Love papa

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